Company Fundraising by JustGiving

This video was produced for JustGiving and focused on an innovative online platform for fundrasing. Filming the diverse events assured some beautiful imagery of fundraisers and their efforts to raise money for various charities across London.

This video was filmed over 3 days when events were held, and took 3 days to edit. The budget was £4000 (AUD 8250).

BMW Summer Olympics

This video showcases the BMW advertising campaign during the London 2012 Olympics: As the official top-tier Olympics sponsor, BMW was keen to demonstrate a parallel between the top engineering and performance of their cars with the Olympian athletes. This is the fourth film we produced for BMW. Shot over three days, this film covered numerous Greater London advertising sites and was edited in two days, with a colour grading session.

The budget was £5000 (AUD 8500).

ECN Live Connect Video

Two videos were commissioned by ECNlive to live prominently on their website. They are typical of an efficient website film: it stylistically showcases the portfolio of services offered, whilst keeping the film brief and concise. The weekly numbers of online views as a result, have been staggering.

Both videos cost our client £8500 (AUD 18000).

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