Production Stills

Production Stills

Production Stills – Photography

Horizon handles a sizeable amount of photography commissions for the press, travel, and advertising industries. You can rely on our in-house photography team that specialises in location and commercial studio photography with post-processing applications such as retouching and digital compositing. Feel free to have a look at the photography section within the website to peruse through our portfolio.

You can complement your video shoot with production stills and portraiture shots of selected contributors. Accompanying the video content with stills can be a very useful tool to support any additional marketing initiatives you may have ongoing.

Consolidating the production of all visual media under one roof makes perfect economic sense. Rather than doubling up on photography and video teams, equipment and light sources; money can be saved by producing all your required visual materials in one place. Using only one team on site is also a less intrusive option.

Contact us to see how we can satisfy both your photo and video requirements, and give you great value for you budget.

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