Motion Graphics


Motion graphics

Motion Graphics are a form of their own. When your audio-visual content lacks that extra graphic or supportive text stimulus, a motion graphics sequence can save the day, drastically improving your video.

The art of a motion graphics sequence is to bring these graphics to life through animation, either in combination with your video footage, or as its own sequence within your video. They undergo the process of a specific motion design, often quirky and relevant to the content.

At Horizon, our motion graphic artists work with you to establish the graphic style of your choice, and the type of animation required to give your video that extra touch. The sky is the limit: you can use photos, graphics, illustrations cut-outs, or videos, and you can incorporate them into your chosen motion design. It can be a simple idea, or a more elaborate one whereby video storyboards can be used and agreed upon.

Speak to our different motion graphic artists directly, and discover the variety of their styles.

Prices are available upon request.

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