Green Screen / Studio

Green Screen-Studio

Green screen compositing and studio filming

If you’re looking to add a clean, professional background to your interviews, opting for a green-screen or a studio shoot might provide the perfect solution. It gives you more flexibility with selecting a consistent and appropriate background for your film.

Horizon can provide Green Screen services for both shooting on location, and within a studio environment. By chroma keying out the Green, the background can be used in an interactive way: Your brand colors, interesting textures or on-screen text and images will make your video stand out. You can also choose to composite in a live or static background of your choice, thereby avoiding difficult and unattractive locations, and sometimes, saving time and travel costs.

The added benefit to working in a studio is that you have complete control of the light and sound conditions. There is an element of privacy as well as a good support infrastructure for your filmed cast or selected contributors. For any type of production, when produced correctly, a lot can be achieved within a studio filming day with astounding results. Whilst commercials, television idents, and music videos have always enjoyed the benefits of filming in a studio, now we see corporate videos increasingly using them to great effect.

We work with a network of different sized studios across the UK for your convenience and can look at different levels of facilities depending on your budget.

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