Event Filming


Event filming and multicamera production

Capturing an event on video has many benefits. It takes quite a lot of effort to gather key speakers at a conference, organise a product launch or a special ceremony. As a result, recording the event to allow a vast number of absentees and interested parties to watch the all-important content makes complete sense. Also, distributing your video or having it available on an internal communications channel, can allow your audience to revisit the event’s key moments. Finally, it can have future shelf life and be part of a content library for any PR/marketing purposes.

With Horizon as your event filming company, you can rest assured that these important moments and valuable information will be captured professionally. We have cameramen with years of experience working in a multicamera video environment; they have the expertise in dealing with situations where noise and lighting can be of concern.

High standards of audiovisual recording are ensured, and it starts with a careful location scouting visit and a detailed pre-production plan of the event. During filming, the production method is geared to optimise sound and image recording. All cameras are positioned to cover the right angles, and shots are planned to ensure that no action goes amiss. The editors work to ensure a lightning quick and professional edit is made available to you.

Depending on the type and scale of event you’re planning to film, give us a shout to find out more about our rates.

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