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Viral videos, corporate and web production

Getting a web video produced today is commonplace with the Internet now an integral part to our lives. There is no doubt that web videos can play a tremendous part in optimising your website’s online presence whilst also enhancing your brand. Additionally, today’s production costs are very attractive when you consider the impact and reach a video can have with a global web audience at your doorstep.

Whether your video lives prominently on your website or is released virally to your online community, web videos have become a fantastic medium to sell your products or services as well as connecting with your viewers in a powerful way.

Whether your messages are delivered through interviews, an overarching voiceover, or a combination of both, our talented production team can create a service bespoke to your needs.

A friendly and professional environment will ensure that potential interviewees feel relaxed and at home on set. This approach is designed to elicit natural and seamless interview material from all participants.
The script will be refined, either wholly or collaboratively, then a voice artist that reflects your brand values will be selected. Your key messages will be emphasised with stunning sequences filmed by top cameramen, and then polished with the use of motion graphics, titling, colour grading and sound design to ensure your viewers are in for an audiovisual treat.

You will be informed of progress at every stage of the production process. When the video has been edited, you are invited to comment and amend the edits through an online portal, always working towards the film you want. Your film can be delivered in any of your required formats: a full HD screen projection format, an HD web-optimised format for video streaming, or a master DVD for distribution purposes.

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