Colour Grading

Colour Grading

Colour Grading, Titling, and Online Editing

This is the final stage of your video production. The online editor adds visual effects, lower third titles, and applies colour correction to give the film the last polish, and a consistency in the visual style.

Horizon produces broadcast quality images, and ensures the video meets the technical standards expected by the broadcaster or the client. Your video project can be onlined up to 4K in resolution, although the vast majority of Horizon’s work is in HD quality. We will also have your audio professionally post-produced, cleaned up and sound designed.

After meeting all the requirements of your project, and processing your video through the various stages of online editing, our post-production workflow ensures a quick delivery of your film in all your desired video formats.

Whether you need a master DVD for duplication, a web-optimised video format for internet streaming, or a fully resolved HD film for screening purposes, you will receive the combination of formats you want at no extra cost.

Find out more about our very competitive rates.

Colour Grading

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