Video Services

Video Services

Video Services

Let yourself be heard and seen!

Horizon offers a variety of production and post-production services tailored to suit your needs. We will work together with you from scripting to editing, in order to create a stylish, sleek video that is highly effective in communicating your key messages. In other words, we want to help you to produce a film that speaks volumes, and leaves a powerful imprint with your audience.

After identifying your target market, working together, your script and video storyboard will be produced. Collaboration is the lifeblood of the filmmaking enterprise, and with a flexible and supportive approach, your ideas will be refined and enhanced to suit your every requirement.

The initial consultation process helps you plan a cost-effective production strategy. Your video will be filmed with HD cameras, and edited to the very highest standards, using resources which allow for a quick workflow process. This bespoke process is designed to ensure that your film is delivered on time and to the agreed budget.

Every video project is unique. Nowadays, video production can call upon a vast mixture of media and production methods. Whether your film calls for recorded interviews, a location or a studio shoot, combining animation techniques, or the use of motion graphics in the editing stages, we can provide the expertise you will need to see your ideas come to life in a way that best suits your individual needs.

The possibilities are infinite. Take a look at the range of services we offer.

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