“Horizon consistently demonstrates an incredible depth of technical knowledge and creativity that is not always easy to find in a video production company. We choose to work with Horizon because we know we’re working with experts who can be trusted to deliver on time, on budget, and above our expectations. Their holistic, hands-on approach to understanding our business and completing projects allows us to focus on our day jobs with the assurance that Horizon will produce outstanding video work.”
Steve Granshaw, Head of Design, Posterscope

“We love working with Horizon Films; they understand JustGiving’s values and propositions, and deliver great films, for multiple audiences, at an affordable cost. As a result they have become a trusted and reliable partner for us. The team is professional and friendly, collaborate very well with our internal functions, and the work is consistently of the best quality. We do a a variety of projects requiring motion graphics, filming conferences and interviews, documenting lots of exciting events, and the results are always top class.”
Romain Bertrand, Head of Marketing, JustGiving

“In the fast-paced and unforgiving world of luxury retail, brand image is sacrosanct. With an aggressive expansion of over 10 stores per year in the UK & Ireland only, we needed a company that could follow suit and capture our ground breaking designs in the best possible light.

Having worked with them in the past, I turned to Horizon for the second time and was again pleasantly surprised by a team who manages to constantly deliver more than expected.

Horizon quickly grasped the tricky requirements of shooting retail environments in order to render both the vibrant visual merchandising and the range of spaces created within each store. Their use of clever positioning, considered angles and depth of field made each shot feel unique whilst revealing a different character of the design every time.

Horizon came up with some innovative solutions including the replication of concept stage render shots helping improve visualisation accuracy in future projects. They also introduced panoramic photography enabling the team to analyse and report more efficiently as well as providing stunning shots often indispensible for the ever-important shop fronts.

Another key decision in engaging Horizon, was the need for a flexible team able to react quickly in any location. With the media hype leading up to a store opening and the need to supply press & marketing with quality shots, often before the store has even opened its doors, the ability to adapt to our hectic schedules has always been one of Horizon’s forte.

With the above in mind, a friendly and professional service as well as very competitive rates, adding Horizon to your team is simply a ‘no-brainer’!”
Ben Mareschal, Head of shop construction, Hugo Boss UK Ltd

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