The raise of a new film industry in South East Asia: Malaysia

The raise of a new film industry in South East Asia: Malaysia

Throughout 2014, our producer Janos Jersch has been hired to oversee and co-ordinate a training programme designed to strengthen the film and television crew base in Malaysia. The scheme was run by IRDA, PIMS and the Met Film School, with expert practitioners as tutors, it oversaw the training of about 900 participants.

The Malaysian Government is seeking to attract a host of international film productions, having invested $170 million in a state-of-the art film studios: the Pinewood Iskandar studios. It also offers further financial incentives through a 30% cash rebate scheme on film budgets exceeding $1,5million.

The Weinstein Company has already finished the production of its new Netflix series entitled Marco Polo, and is set to premiere at the end of the year. With this exciting new development, plenty of graduates of the training scheme have been enrolled to work on Marco Polo, and are now raising the professional standards of the local film work force. Now the floodgates are open, let’s see where the Malaysian film magic takes us over the next few years.



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