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Price Guide

Costing your production is an important step and we pride ourselves in providing you with a professional service at excellent value. We operate a transparent policy and our film budgets are indicated in our portfolio of work. That way you can have a clear idea of what can be achieved with your budget.

A 30 second TV commercial certainly costs more than a 5-minute charity film, but a rough equation to follow for a viral or corporate video is about £1000 per minute of screen time cost. A production day can fall between £500 and £1000 depending on the crew’s number, camera, sound and lighting requirements. An editing day can start from £400 with the machine and editor included, but the fee increases if there’s a need for a supervising producer, and if the day is over 10 hours long.

The simple solution is really to get in touch with us so we can offer an attractive deal for your specific requirements.

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