Filming and Photographing a Camel for eHarmony

Filming and Photographing a Camel for eHarmony


EO0A7063_3We have been entrusted the difficult task of producing all the publicity photography and  creating a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video of eHarmony’s latest TV commercial shoot, on a shoestring budget. This feat was done by using just one camera, namely the Canon 5D mkIII, which shoots HD video and records full frame professional photography. The challenge really came from the limited time given between the commercial’s film takes to work with the actors, using existing lights, and having to constantly change settings between photography and video modes without missing the all-important key moments.

Given the constraints, we were very pleased with the results and the opportunity to work with actors in a professional commercial set alongside a fantastic camel. It took a couple of apples and carrots to get the attention of Kokoso, the camel, who was well behaved throughout the shoot. Kokoso became the first professional transvestite camel as he was transformed as an alluring female with a pearl necklace for this unfortunate date.


If you haven’t seen the 30-second TV commercial in the UK this summer, have a look here:

eHarmony UK Camel TV Advert

Our behind the scenes video showcasing the nitty gritty work behind the lens can be found here:

The Behind the Scenes Video



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